Goutham Inamanamelluri

Goutham Inamanamelluri


An experienced software developer with an insight in a variety of designing, developing of windows, web and mobile applications. Organized, disciplined, career focused, highly educated, very keen eye for detailed results in solid coding and a dedicated and hardworking individual. I possess great communication skills both verbal and writing intertwined with an excellent ability to build rapport quickly with both clients and colleagues. Possessing a positive and uplifting attitude towards life and career, combined with professional and continual self-improvement pursuits will provide to be a benefit to any organization.

Fairfield University
Master of Science in Engineering
September 2011 - May 2013
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Work Experience

Carrier LogoCarrier Global

Role: Sr Software Architect/ Developer
Duration: August 2018 - February 2020

  • Duties
    • Lead Activities
      • Oversaw the operations and maintenance of software applications and database owned by the Team.
      • Lead selection of the appropriate technology for the future developments
      • Managed a Team of developers (both database and Software)
      • Worked closely with clients throughout the development cycle ensuring proposed design met customer requirements
      • Helping the team members with the design and development process
      • Enforced a process that did not existed before which helps to solve production issues quicker
      • Assigned projects to the team members
      • Auditing Developers work
      • Implementing Developer changes to production environment
      • Ensured Team is following proper SDLC process and standard practices
      • Maintain existing code in the code repositories
      • Participated in Server migrations, upgrades and validate the changes
      • Ensured old technologies migrated to new technology
    • Development
      • Application
        • Developed a custom framework (Costing Tool) on top of ASP.NET MVC which helps the client to cost the product which contains different configuration options.
        • Used C# as a programming language
        • Used JavaScript on client side for web applications
        • Made enhancements to existing applications, and for new requests
        • Used Bootstrap for user interface development
        • Used Dapper and Entity Framework for Database connectivity
        • Can generate a PDF report of the final cost for future references
        • New products can be added and modified in the future from Admin section of the application
        • Developed new web pages for existing ASP.NET MVC applications
        • Developed a windows application that updates Week, Month and Quarter runs once a week which carries the previous week units to next week production.
        • Developed a Signal R application used to notify remaining time to the assembly technicians on the floor
        • Used ASP Web API to deliver data in JSON format.
      • Database
        • Designed, developed, and maintained databases
        • Developed and optimized stored procedure and functions using T-SQL
        • Developed SSIS packages for converting flat files and XML files that delivers from SAP and MRP Systems to SQL Server
        • Developed reports that generates periodically for summary of completed products
        • Created schema for separate product lines
        • Created SQL Server Agent Jobs for executing SSIS packages at regular intervals
      • Excel
        • Crated Excel Add-In to extract the data from different sheets to one using C#
        • Created Excel Add-in to extract the data into relational tables using C#
Wells Fargo LogoWells Fargo

Role: Full Stack .Net Developer
Duration: October 2014 - October 2016 and April 2017 - January 2018

  • Duties
    • Technical knowledge of electronic trading application.
    • Migrated Java application to .Net using C#
    • Created Console application to calculate business dates, weekdays, next available dates
    • Used Reflections to change application behavior
    • Used Dev Express for creating user interface for windows applications
    • Designed tables and views structure for the application
    • Used PL/SQL for querying database using SQL developer
    • Created DDL’s scripts to create and modify the structure of database objects.
    • Created DML’s scripts to manipulate the structures of database
    • Used Dev Express for creating UI for Windows applications
    • Used Datasets to store many Data Tables in single collection
    • Created Autosys jobs for scheduled events.
    • Engaged with Implementation team for Production related deliveries
    • Created Change Request, Work requests and Problem tickets using BMC Remedy PAC 2000.
    • Used SVN and GitHub for Code repository
    • Migrated source code from SVN to GitHub
    • Used Confluence for documentations.
    • Created Flow Charts for documenting application flow
    • Participated in Application design meetings and code reviews
    • Migrated Cisco CTI-OS VB6 Winforms application to WPF using C#
    • Migrated Cisco CTI-OS VB.Net Winforms applications to WPF using C#
    • Propose solutions to customer’s requirements and provide estimates for development
    • Developed gadgets for Cisco Finesse web application using JavaScript and XML.
    • Wrote custom application for agent events using Cisco UCCX CTI Server in WCF.
    • Wrote custom code for Genesys Interaction Workspace in WPF.
    • Developed WCF service to subscribe agent events for both genesys and cisco platforms.
    • Wrote custom code for Wells Fargo proprietary softphone.
    • Developed web applications for business to make changes in Genesys configuration server in MVC 4 and User Interface using Bootstrap
    • Developed WPF application for opening a PAC 2000 Remedy ticket with the customer
    • information when the agent entered the eGain Chat session and sending transcript of the chat after the session ended.
    • Utilized Web services as middleware and SQL server in backend and Developed Microsoft Clickonce applications.
    • XML and SOAP was used to exchange structured and typed information with help of web service over the internet.
    • Used ADO.NET for SQL Server database interactions using Data Adaptors, Data Reader and Dataset.
    • T- SQL was extensively used to query the database.
    • WCF was designed with Service oriented architecture (SOA) to support Distributed
    • computing where services were consumed by end users.
    • Wrote client-side validations using jQuery.
    • Worked on Proof of Concepts and demonstration of products in support of the company's own development methods.
    • Maintained relations with Line of business (LOB), attended Joint application Design (JAD) sessions
    • Created Production Implementation documents and designed Flowcharts
    • Used Apache Subversion (SVN) for code repository.
First Data LogoFirst Data

Role: C# Developer
Duration: September 2013 - August 2014

  • Duties
    • Worked on Interactive Voice Response development
    • Migrated Legacy Conversant application to .Net Environment using C#
    • Migrated legacy ASP applications to ASP.Net
    • Comprehended Conversant code and designed flowcharts
    • Utilized web services as middle ware and SQL server in the backend
    • Worked with database professionals to develop and implement secure, fast and stable data structures.
    • Created Voice User Interface (VUI) for IVR applications.
    • Wrote client-side validations using JavaScript.
    • Used TFS for code repository.